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There were so many exciting classes, guests, and projects from this past semester. Here are a few of the highlights: Above, we welcomed a special guest, Ryan from Rode Microphones, to bring in mics and discuss techniques using a drum kit. Student Ryan Thomas helped by performing for us. It was a fun and educational session that provide a lot of new insight!

We also continued work in our Group Recording Sessions class, recording many great bands throughout the semester. In addition to David Paul Martin, we recorded The Oxleys (top), Cold Soda Club (bottom), Wilhelm, The Present Age, and Christopher Gold. More live videos from the sessions will be posted soon!

Another special guest that visited us during the semester was the Chief Operating Officer of the National Repertory Orchestra in Breckenridge, Colorado. She talked with students about important business skills and practices, and gave valuable insight into the current and future state of the music industry.

Some other important events from the semester included hosting the State Solo & Ensemble competition (organized by Dr. Ken Liske), a Saxophone Summit featuring guest musician Jeff Coffin (organized by Dr. Drew Whiting), and guest composer Chad Rehmann. There is so much that we have done, but even more to come!