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The Covid-19 pandemic has presented many challenges for teaching and learning this semester, but thanks to a lot of careful planning and a willingness to adapt, we have been successfully moving forward through the school year. Many of the audio production classes are taught in a “HyFlex” format, meaning that it is a hybrid between online and in-person classes. We utilize spaces like the music hall in order to give us extra space to conduct demonstrations.

As a part of our Live Sound class, we have been observing the assembly of a new live streaming rig. We decided to pursue this setup in order to present concerts to audience who may not be able to attend in-person due to the Covid situation. Our department tech supervisor, AJ Rahm, did a marvelous job choosing components and designing the system.

Now, we are able to use this setup as a great learning tool, which includes a remote controlled camera, digital mixer, and a computer recording system. Students will be responsible for streaming and recording future ensembles and recitals, and now we will have all of the tools to make it happen. Even though teaching and learning during Covid is tough at times, we are all making the best of it!

Last two photos by Chris Jewson