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Recording Showcase 2020

“Bottled Feels”

co-written by Ken Yerkes

Ken Yerkes

Senior, Music Recording and Music Business


The end of 2019 was a little bit of an emotional roller coaster for me. I was stressed about trying to succeed in school after a bad semester the year prior; which involved a lot of emotional episodes. Along with that I was also trying to stay in touch with my loved ones after two people in the family were taken from this world too soon; I also had some rough paths with trying to figure out who my true friends were and I was dealing with relationship troubles that wasn’t worth the fight. All of these things just put together put me in a state-of-mind that got me thinking — what am I doing? Why am I here? Is there hope down the road? Is this just another phase?

I don’t like to get to get too personal because I know everyone out there is going through something.. which is basically what led me to the idea for this song. There’s nothing better than just taking a break from life, hanging with people that are inspired by music to make a story out of, have a few drinks, and hopefully send some positive vibes that makes you realize that you’re never alone in what you do. Even during times like now, things will get better.. You just have to find something that you love that makes those dull moments seem like something you never thought you’d be able to fight your way through.. doing this track with Marshall definitely brought out the vibe that I hope people can feel when they hear this song.

About the artist 

A lot of hard work, dedication, and learning how to fight through the tough times, such as now. I want to stay in the music industry when graduating from UW-Oshkosh. My biggest dream is to be a performer in Nashville, TN while producing and mixing music with other musicians/bands.

About The Process

Marshall and I were chilling in his dorm one night and I had an idea that would finally give us the opportunity to make some music together. I love all kinds of music so I tend to be very, shall we say .. “genre-less”.. which he loved, so the music-making/production process became more fun.

He makes a lot of tracks using FL Studio, which is what I’m new too so seeing him go in and do what he does for this song was incredible. I wanted to make this like trap-Post Malone, with a vinyl sound track that younger adults can just crank up and vibe to. As we kept going with the lyrics and the sound, we came up with more ideas for layers/instruments and effects that would just bring out this unique sound.


Ken Yerkes (Here’sYerkes) Songwriter, vocals (chorus and verse 2), supporting electric guitar chord progression

Marshall Madison (Figment): Songwriter, Saxophone, production/mix credit.

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  1. Alison Shaw

    Very creative. Great lyrics. Very emotional and honest. Thanks.


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