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Over the course of our Recording Studio Procedures class, students perform using a variety of instruments and then we learn the proper microphone techniques for ideal capture. Recently, the Titan String Quartet graced us with their beautiful sounds and played both a classical selection, and a more pop-oriented song by Coldplay. It was fun to hear how the various mic positions affected the overall tone of the captured recording.

In addition to string recording, we captured brass and woodwind instruments. Student Dan Wallner played both baritone and tenor saxophone so that we could record and discuss the various challenges presented when capturing such a complex and wide-ranging instrument.

Other students helped by performing on piano, guitar, trumpet, and trombone (Cooper, shown above). They all helped us to helped us to further understand instrumental capture and room acoustics. It is such a benefit to be able to maximize the musical skills of students in order to analyze sound recording on a deeper level. It has been a fun and enlightening experience!