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The Group Recording Sessions class is an upper-level course that takes place in the recording studio and other recording spaces in the Music department. This course is designed to give students hands-on experience with producing music for a variety of musicians. Throughout the semester, we are hosting guest musicians and recording them with both audio and video in order to create a live performance production. During our first week, student Jon Glowcheski played a Debussy piece, giving us the opportunity to test our setup for audio and video capture.

Following our session with Jon, our most recent guest was singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist David Paul Martin. During his visit, we had a fantastic session recording four of his recent original songs. In addition to our work in the studio, David had the idea to record a song at the end of the night in an art gallery that has a particularly unique and reverberant sound to it. This idea turned into the beautiful performance that you see below. We are continuing to work on David’s other song recordings and also look forward to recording more bands in the coming weeks!