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Music Resource Center

The Music Resource Center for the Department of Music is located on the second floor of the Arts and Communication Building in N235.  The primary aim of the Resource Center is to be an additional resource and complement the library materials on music that are housed in Polk Library.

Please note that during the Covid-19 pandemic, the music library may only be available for student major-related research and reserved through a music faculty person.


The Music Resource Center has a varied collection of materials.  We house a small collection of books, basic reference materials, periodicals, study scores, solo and ensemble music and videotapes. We also house a large collection of sound recordings in 33-1/3 RPM vinyl record format, many which are out of print at this time.  Materials, which support students in the music education field, are also housed in the Music Resource Center.

The Robert “Doc” Snyder Collection within the Music Resource Center is a substantial resource in the field of Jazz.  It includes a large number of CD’s, LP’s, books, periodicals, and historical photographs.

Basic reference materials that you should become familiar with include:  The New Grove Dictionary of Music Musicians, The Harvard Dictionary of Music, Bakers Biographical Dictionary of Music and Musicians, Literature of Chamber Music

Periodicals you may want to familiarize yourself with include:  Opera News, MIX, Music Educators Journal, Journal of Music Therapy, Chamber Music America, Choral Journal.

Listening facilities:

A total of 6 individual listening stations provide each patron with multiple listening sources.  We have compact disc players, cassette tape players, record players and one small VCR/monitor combination, with additional mobile VCR and monitors on carts available for presentations to groups. The individual listening stations are provided with headphones.

Reserve materials:

Instructors may place materials on reserve for students to use for a particular course.

Study space:

The Music Resource Center provides an ideal space for study.  The room is configured to accommodate individual study space as well as room and space for study groups, group discussions or group projects.

General Policies

* Please Note: Most of the library materials are subject to copyright.  Library users are reminded that photocopying materials outside of the “fair use” stipulations, and downloading, duplicating, etc. of copyrighted audio/video material is in contravention of the copyright law.  Please be aware that the authors, composers, and performers rely on legal use of their work for part or all of their livelihoods!

  • All students MUST have a valid Titan ID present at every library checkout
  • Students may not have more than 10 items out at one time without special permission
  • Books (ML & MT), Sheet Music, Scores = 4 week checkout
  • Audio (CD’s, Records, Tapes, Videos) = 2 week checkout
  • Reference & Course Reserves = NO Checkout, In library use only
  • Music Education = NO Checkout, In library use only (24 hour checkout ONLY with librarian permission and instructor signature)
Damaged materials

  • Users are responsible for all materials checked out from the Music Library and should point out noticeable damage BEFORE checking out any material.  Library materials that are returned damaged are subject to charges based on the cost of repairing the damaged item or on standard replacement charge if the item cannot be repaired.
  • Mutilation of library materials is punishable under Wisconsin State Statute 943.61. The University may prosecute in cases of purposeful theft or damage.

Replacement charges

  • For lost items or materials too damaged to repair, the standard replacement fee is $50 per item; more expensive items will be billed at full replacement cost plus a $10 service fee.

Charges for materials not returned

As a general rule, the Music Library does not charge library users unless absolutely necessary.  In the event that materials are not returned, we take these steps to ensure that our materials remain available to other users:

  • At 7 days overdue an overdue notice is sent.
  • At 30 days overdue a lost item replacement bill is sent. The minimum replacement fee is $50 per item; more expensive items will be billed at full replacement cost plus a $10 service fee.  Your music library record is now blocked. This means you cannot check out any further items until the item is returned or the bill paid.*
  • At 6 weeks overdue your university registration is now blocked. This means you cannot add/drop classes or receive transcripts until the item is returned or the bill paid.*

*The lost item replacement bill must be paid in full (check made out to UW Oshkosh) to the Music Librarian in order to clear your university and library blocks.  A receipt will be issued as proof of payment.

Polk Library

Polk Library houses a large collection of books on music, bound and unbound periodicals, complete works and reference books on music and more than 1200 compact discs.  All books and compact disc may be checked out to students.  In addition to the collection housed on the premises, Polk Library also provides Universal Borrowing between all UW System school libraries and Interlibrary Loan services with the nation and the world at large.  As a UW Oshkosh student, Polk library provides you with access to any books, printed music or compact discs found in any of UW libraries. Additionally, computer stations available in the Reference room with online music database resources and internet access.


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