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Recording Showcase 2020


Doug Lane, co-producer

Doug Lane

Senior, Music Composition, Recording Technology, and EET


Tevin Sharp and I created the hip hop duo DT a few years ago. The music creation process started off relatively slow, but over time we started creating faster and higher quality music. We decided to create a concept album that alludes to the cycles that are present throughout life. It has the overarching timeline of a human life, but the meaning within the songs can be applied to many cycles that you can locate in your life.

The full album can be found at Spotify:

Our inspiration for this song was to be near the end of the life cycle. TBD (Thinking ‘Bout Death) isn’t about thinking about literally dying, but what would be left behind if the time had come. What legacy would you leave behind?

Equipment wise I will break into two sections.
Hardware: U87 – vocals, Nord Stage 3, Louie’s guitar (solo), Fender Tele (rhythm), Dane’s drum kit, apollo twin interface, 57s, 414, 421, P170s, U89, RE20, km184, HS8, Scarlett OctoPre, Sennheiser HD650s, C24 Console.
Software: Pro Tools, FL Studio, Fabfilter (Q3, Saturn, C, R, Timeless), Izotope (Neutron 2, Nectar 3, MixTap), Bias FX, Vibe EQ, Saturation Knob, and Melodyne

About the co-producer 

Hey! I’m Doug, and I’m a dual music major and EET major. I made the decision in high school to prioritize music in my life, and chose UWO as the school to help it happen. I’ve spent the last few years working on getting better recordings, better mixes, writing better (lyrics and composition), and building up my home studio. My goals are to continue to get better and create an economically sustainable lifestyle that revolves around music.

About The Process

We started the beat-making process with some midi drums from Splice, and came up with a midi piano line. We then wrote the lyrics over the rough beat, and recorded the rough vox. We asked Louie to record guitar, and we recorded his tracks at his house and sent them in a zip to my computer. I then recorded a slightly different but more organic piano line from my Nord, and we decided it would need real drums. We asked Dane if he would want to lay down tracks for us, and he agreed. We set up a drum tracking session in the studio and finished them all up in about an hour. I mixed everything from home, recorded Tevin and my final vocals with a U87, mixed the vocals in, and asked for opinions from several people. After using the advice, we sent the full mix to Tim Rusin to master.


Doug Lane – Vocals, Beat Maker, Co-Producer, Guitar, Keys, Mixing, Writer

Tevin Sharp – Vocals, Beat Maker, Co-Producer, Writer

Louie Barlaw – Guitar

Dane Slinger – Drums

Tim Rusin – Mastering

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  1. Alison Shaw

    Nice feel, clear message – art. Congrats to you both!


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