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Recording Showcase 2020

“Slow Motion (feat. Dstnt)”

performed by Charlie Rauls (feat. Dstnt)

Charlie Rauls

Junior, Elementary Education Major, Music Industry Minor


I met Henry (Dstnt) through a music streaming service called Live Undiscovered Music. We both really appreciated each others sounds. I started the song Slow Motion and decided to send him over a demo, which eventually lead to the creation of the whole song. The song was done completely through sending each other wav. files.

The idea of slowing down was a key part of our musical inspiration. We all felt that live sometimes goes by way to quick, especially when you’re spending time with people you really care about. The song is about love, and we really wanted to go for an acoustic guitar sound with that being said.

About the artist 

Growing up in the Madison area, Charlie first fell in love with recording music in his teens. Charlie has been releasing music under the alias “Raulsy” for the past 5 years, creating an alternative pop sound. Although he is not majoring in the music industry, Raulsy has no plans to stop creating. As far as musical goals, Raulsy wants to continue create authentic music that is true to himself.

About The Process

It was done completely online, with each person sending their specific parts.

To get successfully compare the tape and digital recordings, a somewhat complicated signal flow was required. Eight channels of audio came into the Sony MXP3000 console and into ProTools. From there, all eight channels went out to the tape machine then back to ProTools via eight new channels. So every channel had parallel versions; one from tape, one straight off the console. 

The vocal mic was a Nady TCM-1050, and the primary acoustic guitar mic was my personal favorite; the Nuemann KM86i. 

Mixing was a matter of deciding which version of the signal should represent each source. Due to the noisy nature of the analog gear, many digital tracks were used, but analog warmth is found largely in the acoustic guitar recordings.

As practice in production, I recruited two friends to play on the track after David’s session. The result was a fuller-sounding and more dynamic piece than we initially tracked.

Waves and iZotope plugins were used to polish up the final sounds, and mastering was done in-house using iZotope Ozone 8. 


Charlie Rauls (vocals) (Mix)

Dstnt (vocals) (master)

Eric Thompson (track production)

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  1. Alison Shaw

    Great sounds and nice texture!

  2. Brea

    Amazing! Instantly vibing with this!

  3. Mary

    As a 50+ person I really really like this style of music. So easy to listen to. Very calming

  4. Jeanne Marshall Bindley

    First I need to share that Charlie was one of my Music Students at Northside Elementary. Great student then as I’m sure he is now. Actually had all of his brothers as well. So proud of what he’s doing and that he appreciates music so much. My goal and hope for all of my students!

    As a singer/songwriter and performer, I love this. Mix, blend, balance,very nicely done. Good song and message as well. Intro, Chorus/Hook, Verse, Bridge, Lift to Chorus, Outro, Groove.

    Have had some recording experience in studio and it can be a very long process to the final product but so worthwhile. Can’t imagine doing this all virtually! Impressive! Keep it up Charlie. And props to your co-producer/collaborator!


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