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A Friday tradition throughout the history of the Music Industry program has been the “Care & Repair” class. As you might imagine, as gear is utilized and many projects are taken on throughout the semester, it’s only natural that there are parts that break and pieces of gear that need to be fixed.

One of the most common repairs is when cables need to be re-soldered. Aside from that, we also find ourselves often doing fixes to the vintage Sony mixing console, and cleaning up or tweaking equipment to ensure it’s maximum sonic fidelity.

One additional major task this year has been working on the studio design itself. From new curtains to adding new fiberglass paneling to the walls, there were a lot of tasks aimed at optimizing the studio both acoustically and aesthetically. We have all greatly enjoyed learning about the process of studio upkeep in both the analog and digital realm, and I look forward to continuing the process of working on our creative space for working and learning.