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For over four decades, the UWO Music Industry Program has been providing an outstanding education to students. The exceptional faculty and staff in the Music Department have helped to pave the way for countless successful careers by creating and maintaining a climate of excellence. Of course, this is also due to the vision and ingenuity of the program’s founder, Wally Messner. I’m pleased to say that the program continues to be strong and has very bright future ahead.

During this transitional time, the program has a major opportunity not only to work with our current students and recent grads, but also to rekindle and build relationships with alumni. Our graduates are the solid foundation that this program is built upon, and the help and support that I have already received from alumni has been enormously helpful.

In celebration of this wonderful history, the UW Oshkosh Music Industry Program is bringing together alumni and friends for a night of great music and reunion at Manila Resto in Downtown Oshkosh. The event starts at 9:30pm on Friday, October 21, 2016.

The evening will feature an acoustic music set by horn-driven rock band, Pam The Bear (featuring UWO students), as well as a cash bar for drinks and appetizers. We hope to have a big turnout!