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Medical Laboratory Science

127 Halsey Science Center
(920) 424-1487
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Advisement Aids

There are specific education courses required by the College of Letters & Science to complete a Bachelor of Science degree. To understand what those requirements are, please view our BS with USP Requirements.

There are options listed specifically for the bachelor of Science degree, please be sure to view the appropriate listing.

Medical Laboratory Science Advisors

Medical Laboratory Science students must follow a very specific schedule in order to complete all of the required courses in the right sequence. It is important to begin working with the Medical Laboratory Science Office early in your college career.

Ms. Mallory Janquart is the adviser for Medical Laboratory Science. She is your primary contact for information on the requirements for the degree, the clinical internship and other pertinent information regarding a BS in Medical Laboratory Science. You are welcome to make an appointment to see Ms. Janquart or stop by for a quick hello any time. You can reach her at:

Phone: (920) 424-1487
Office: Halsey Science Center, Rm 127
Email: Ms. Janquart:


Registering for Classes

In general, it is best practice to meet with Ms. Janquart for an advising appointment prior to registering for classes.

You can register for general education as well as biology and chemistry courses, including Introduction to Medical Technology (Med Tech 100), using TitanWeb.

In order to be registered for upper level Medical Laboratory Science courses, you must visit with Ms. Janquart to review your advisement report and ensure you are eligible for the courses.


What to do if a Class is Full

The only Medical Laboratory Science class that is offered to the general campus community is Med Tech 100 – Introduction to Medical Technology.

If a student finds that class full, they should stop by the Medical Laboratory Science Office and get on a waiting list. As spaces open in the class they will be filled from the waiting list – priority will be given to declared Medical Laboratory Science majors.

All of the other Med Lab Science classes are offered only to students who have been accepted for senior clinical internships. Students selected in the internship placement process are assured of access to their clinical classes.