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Who Studies Hematology?

Many people use hematology in their careers.

Research scientists use their curiosity and creativity to discover the answers to questions we still have about our blood and circulatory system. For example, can we predict when a person may have a heart attack?

Teachers study hematology, take their knowledge of blood and pass it on to their students.

Artists who draw for medical texts must understand the structure of blood cells in order to depict them accurately.

Doctors use their knowledge of hematology to diagnose and treat disease. The doctor gets help from medical technologists who specialize in the study of blood.

Medical technologists actually work with human blood, studying it first hand. They evaluate it under microscopes and with automated instruments. These instruments can count cells and measure how long it takes for blood to clot. The medical technologist is asked to produce data and information that will aid in diagnosis, management, and treatment of disease.

The engineers who design hematology instruments must also have an understanding of hematology so that they can make their equipment the best possible for medical technologists to use.

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