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The McNair Mentor Faculty-Mentoring Program

The primary responsibilities of the faculty mentor are as follows:


  • To work closely with the assigned scholar to design and complete a start to finish research project which “is more rigorous than is typically available to undergraduates in a classroom setting.” (CFR 647.7)
  • To create an open, collegial environment by meeting with, mentoring, and encouraging scholars, with the goal of building a professional relationship of mutual trust and respect.
  • To attend the Annual McNair Showcase during which scholars present their research.
  • To facilitate, when appropriate, opportunities for the scholar to present at professional conferences and/or co-publish in peer-reviewed journals.
  • To assist the scholar in identifying graduate programs that are a strong fit.
  • To write graduate school recommendations.

Mentor Compensation

All faculty mentors receive a lump-sum payment of $1,100, paid out through payroll at the end of August, for their work with their respective scholar.


Mentor Reporting

All faculty mentors are required to complete Qualtrics forms to keep track of their time & effort monthly (February-August) and approve, in a timely manner, each of their mentee’s research benchmarks, i.e. research proposal & timeline, 15-page research draft, 20-page research paper, poster.

The faculty mentor should maintain an open line of communications with the McNair office, so that we can work together to ensure the scholars’ success.