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The Mathematics Department gives an average of $2000 each year in scholarships to outstanding mathematics students.  These scholarships are made possible through the following four endowed funds, each in memory and honoring a former mathematics faculty member. These funds are:

  • Harvey C. McKenzie Math Fund
  • Robert Prielipp Memorial
  • Radford Boeing Math Scholarship
  • Robert Wonders Endowment

If you are interested in giving a gift to support one of these scholarship programs, please visit our Give a Gift page.

Senior Award

This award is given to one or more outstanding senior mathematics major students, based on academic performance.

Recent Senior Award Winners

Harvey C. McKenzie Math Fund

  • Tyler Skorczewski, 2004
  • Bradley VanDongen, 2004
  • Joel Soden, 2005
  • Scott Tingo, 2007
  • Anthony Diercks, 2009
  • Liem Nguyen, 2010
  • Amanda Baxter, 2011
  • John Dewitt, 2013
  • Shannon Fehrenbach, 2014

Robert Wonders Endowment

  • Craig Konkle 2004
  • Loribeth Golner 2005
  • Michael Hahn 2006
  • Leah Betz 2008

Robert Prielipp Memorial

  • Adam Bremberger 2006
  • Teri Schwamb 2007
  • Sara O’Connell 2012

Sophomore Award

This award is given to the most outstanding Sophomore, based on performance on the annual calculus exam. 

Recent Sophomore Award Winners

Harvey C. McKenzie Math Fund

  • Angela Nichols, 2004
  • Yanjun Chen, 2004
  • Dale Skaer, 2005
  • Samuel Mark, 2006
  • Sarah Monette, 2006
  • Liem Nguyen, 2008
  • Katelyne Stienen, 2012
  • Taylor Rydahl, 2013
  • Daniel Christensen, 2014

Robert Prielipp Memorial

  • Cole Edwards, 2005
  • Danielle Nabbefeld, 2009

Radford Boeing Math Scholarship

  • Aaron Stroede, 2010
  • Sarah Roth, 2011

Excellence in Mathematics Award

This award is given to the most outstanding mathematics major or minor student in the professional education program for elementary, middle, or secondary teaching.  RecentExcellence in Mathematics 

Recent Math Excellence Award Winners

Robert Wonders Endowment

  • Sarah Roth 2013
  • Elizabeth Geilfuss 2014

Additional Scholarship Opportunities

The mathematics department reimburses math majors for the cost of actuarial exams that have been passed.

Entering freshman enrolled as full-time undergraduate students at UW Oshkosh and taking a mathematics course at or above the level of Calculus are eligible to win the American High School Mathematics Examination (AHSME) Prize Scholarship. The recipient must be among the top scorers in Wisconsin on the AHSME or the Mathematical Association of America Section Exam. For more information on this scholarship contact K.L.D. Gunawardena at the math department.


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