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Math Major Summary -- no emphasis

The newly revised mathematics major will apply to students who declare their math major starting in Fall 2015. This summary describes the Mathematics Major for students who are not seeking either a Secondary Education or Statistics Emphasis.


Required Units: 40 credits minimum

Core Mathematics Courses: (14 credits)

  • Math 171 Calculus I (4 cr.)
  • Math 172 Calculus II (4 cr.)
  • Math 222 Intro to Abstract Mathematics (3 cr.)
  • Math 256 Intro to Linear Mathematics (3 cr.)

Other Required Courses: (16 credits)

  • Math 273 Calculus III (4 cr.)
  • Math 301 Introduction to Probability and Statistics (3 cr.)
  • Analysis Requirement (3 cr): choose from: Math 467 Intro to Real Analysis, or Math 480 Intro to Topology
  • Algebra Requirement (3 cr): choose from: Math 346 Linear Algebra,  Math 347 Group Theory, Math 348 Ring Theory, or Math 349 Number Theory
  • Applied Requirement (3 cr): choose from: Math 352 Computing Math w/ Apps, Math 355 Intro to Numerical Analysis, Math 356 Linear Numerical Analysis, Math 371 Differential Equations, or Math 376 Partial Diff. Eq. & BVPs.

Capstone: (2 credits minimum)

  • Choose from: Math 365 Math Modeling, Math 403 Issues in Statistical Practice, Math 430 International Comparative Mathematics Education Seminar, Math 446 Independent Study, Math 474 Honors Thesis, Math 495 Secondary Mathematics from an Advanced Perspective II.

The capstone experience should depend on the interests and needs of the student.  Those preparing for graduate school in mathematics should do original research in mathematics, as part of an independent study or honors thesis.

Electives (typically 7-8 credits)

Additional courses (typically three) to be chosen from the Upper Level Course List (see below) to reach the required 40 credits. Courses taken to satisfy any other requirements may not be counted as electives.

  • Algebra

Math 346 Linear Algebra

Math 347 Intro to Group Theory

Math 348 Intro to Ring Theory

Math 349 Intro to Number Theory

  • Analysis

Math 375 Vector & Complex Analysis

Math 467 Intro to Real Analysis

Math 480 Intro to Topology

  • Applied

Math 352 Computing Math w/ Apps

Math 355 Intro to Numerical Analysis

Math 356 Linear Numerical Analysis

Math 371 Differential Equations

Math 376 Partial Diff. Eq. & BVPs

  • Geometry

Math 331 Fundamentals of Geometry

Math 334 Hyperbolic Geometry

  • Statistics

Math 302 Intermediate Statistical Methods

Math 304 Intro to Nonparametric Methods

Math 305 Stats for Quality & Productivity

Math 381 Stochastic Modeling

Math 385 Applied Regression Analysis

Math 386 Linear Statistical Models

Math 401 Mathematical Statistics


GPA Requirements:

To be eligible for graduation with a mathematics major, students must earn a minimum grade point average of 2.00 in all courses required for the Mathematics major.

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