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Undergraduate Mathematics at UW Oshkosh

600pxOrder54_floret_pentagonal_tiling.pngMathematics is the human expression of pattern and regularity in the world.  It involves the study of structures and relationships of mathematical objects, including numbers, shapes, functions, and data. Logical reasoning and problem-solving are the backbone of mathematics.


Our department is committed to empowering students to develop mathematical reasoning and to appreciate the structure and beauty of the discipline.


The mathematics major introduces students to a broad range of mathematics disciplines, including analysis, abstract algebra, applied mathematics, probability and statistics. The major offers optional emphases in Statistics and in Teaching. Majoring in mathematics will prepare students for a wide variety of high-demand, rewarding careers including cryptography, actuary, financial analysts, software development, and teaching. Moreover, the tools students develop in the study of mathematics are valued in most any field or endeavor.

The mathematics department also offers minors in operations research, statistics, mathematics for secondary education licensure, mathematics for elementary and middle school licensure, and mathematics for letters and science or business students.


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Mathematics Major Information


Mathematics Minor Information

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