Closed Class Policy

Mathematics Department

 What do I do when a class is full?

  • The mathematics department uses the wait-list feature in TitanWeb. Classes with an active wait-list will display a yellow triangle next to the section(s).
  • Don’t bother asking the instructor to sign you in, because instructors in the mathematics department are not capable of registering you for classes.  

Things to be aware of:

  • All sections of a class must be closed before the wait-list is activated.
  • All prerequisite requirements must be met in order to be added to the wait-list. 


How to use the TitanWeb wait-list feature:

  1. Log into TitanWeb
  2. Under the “Academics” tab, click “Search”
  3. Select appropriate term
  4. In the subject box, type “Mathematics”, type in 3 digit course number, and uncheck the “Show Open Only” box, then click the “search” button
  5. Classes with available on-line wait-lists will show a yellow triangle in the “Status” column
  6. “Select” the course, check the “wait-list if class is full” box, then click “next”
  7. “Select: the wait-listed class in your shopping cart and click “enroll”
  8. Click “Finish Enrolling”
  9. You will see a message confirming your what-list status


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