UW Oshkosh Math Professors Eric Kuennen & John Beam

Monday, April 16, 2018, 3:00 – 4:00 pm

Swart 217

In Spring Interim 2017, we took a group of fourteen UW Oshkosh students to Germany for three weeks to study mathematics education from an international perspective. We visited German schools, observed math classes and talked with teachers, and paired with a class for pre-service mathematics teachers at Marburg University. We also visited many outstanding museums that feature some really neat mathematics.

In this presentation, we will present and discuss several of the demonstrations and exhibits that we experienced in these German museums, including an “Infinity Clock”, how to multiply using a parabola, and other interactive experiments at the Mathematikum in Giessen, some early calculating machines from the Arithmeum in Bonn, and solving a problem from an ancient Egyptian mathematics text at the Neues Museum in Berlin.  We will also show photos and discuss our experiences in German schools and at Marburg University, and underscore the rich learning experiences available to students and their professors alike through study-abroad programs.