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Support the Library with a Gift

The Polk Library of UW Oshkosh welcomes donations to support library collections and services that may not otherwise be provided, improved or expanded.  Donations of both money and materials are greatly appreciated regardless of their amount or value.

Contributions to the library benefit UW Oshkosh students, faculty and community members who rely on Polk Library as the region’s preeminent academic library.  Over the years, generous donors have significantly enriched student education and serious research through donations that improved the learning and study environment of the library, supported library collection funding or donated collections of books and archival materials.

Monetary donations can be arranged via the University Foundation’s giving form:

Donations of published material can be arranged with Ron Hardy at

Donations of historical regional or university-related materials can be arranged with Joshua Ranger at

Thanks for considering a gift to Polk Library.  The advanced and unique collections of library are important to our students’ growth as scholars and professionals.  Working adults, particularly in the education, legal and business fields benefit, too, from public access to our research collections.  Similarly, our regional collections are critical for those studying local and family history.

The spaces the library provides allow for both individual and group work making Polk one of the main gathering places on campus.

And finally, the services Polk’s professionals and support staff provide are crucial to developing students’ information literacy skills while assisting all users find and use information efficiently.

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Ranger, Joshua P on December 18, 2013
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