Using RefGrab-It

RefGrab-It is a plug-in, available as a bookmarklet in your browser, which allows you to import citation data from a website or the UW Oshkosh Libraries catalog directly into your RefWorks account. Watch the video or read through the text tutorial below to learn how to set up the bookmarklet in Firefox or Internet Explorer (NOTE: only current through Internet Explorer version 8, unless compatibility mode is enabled).


1) You'll first need to insert the RefGrab-It bookmarklet into your browser (either Firefox or Internet Explorer, version 8, unless compatibility mode is enabled), which can be downloaded from your RefWorks account. Click on "RefGrab-It" (highlighted in red) in the Tools menu of your RefWorks account:


2) The next screen will appear with a link allowing you to directly install RefGrab-It as a bookmark in your browser. Right click on the "RefGrab-It" link under "RefGrab-It Bookmarklet", located on the right side of the screen, then select "Bookmark this link" (highlighted in red):


3) Once the bookmarklet has installed in your browser, simply click it on any website you wish to cite to import the information about that website into your RefWorks account, by clicking on the "Import" button on this screen: