Manually entering a citation in RefWorks

RefWorks also offers the ability to manually enter a citation into your account, which is sometimes necessary for when a citation is not exportable from a particular database. Read the text and screenshot tutorial below to learn more about manually entering a citation into your RefWorks account.


1) From the main page of your RefWorks account, select "New Reference" (highlighted in red) from the options located near the top of the page:


2) A new window will appear: you'll first need to select the output style you wish to use from the dropdown menu (highlighted in red), as well as the reference type of the source (highlighted in green):


3) Next, enter in the appropriate citation data in the corresponding fields. Note: remember to check your spelling and accuracy when entering the citation information:


4) You can choose to add the citation to a specific folder in your RefWorks account (highlighted in red), attach the research which matches your citation (highlighted in green), enter any additional fields of information from the citation (highlighted in yellow), then either add the citation to the folder you selected (highlighted in orange), or save the reference into your main account page by clicking "Save reference" (highlighted in blue). By saving the reference, you will be be able to use the citation again in the future, as well:


5) Once you've saved the reference, you'll need to add it to "My list" from the main page of your RefWorks account by clicking on the star icon (highlighted in red):


6) Next, select "Create Bibliography from the menu on the right side of the screen (highlighted in red):


7) Select your style output (APA, MLA, etc.) on the next screen, as well as the type of file (MS Word, HTML, etc.), then click "Create Bibliography":


8) Your reference should appear in a new tab of your browser, from which you'll be able to copy and paste the citation into your paper. Please note: in order for the tab to appear, you must have pop-up blockers disabled before clicking "Create Bibliography".