Creating in-text citations using RefWorks

Write-n-Cite is a plug-in you can use with Microsoft Word to automatically generate in-text citations from your RefWorks account, all while writing your paper in Microsoft Word. For an overview on how to do this, watch the video or read through the text tutorial below. Instructions on installing Write-n-Cite are available at this link

Write-n-Cite can also be used with Google Docs! For help installing the Google Docs add-on, go to this page. 

Please note: Write-n-Cite 4 is currently not compatible with Office 2016 for Mac. There are two workarounds described at this link.



1) You'll first need to download the Write-n-Cite plug-in, which is accessible from the Tools menu (highlighted in red) in your RefWorks account:


2) The next screen will bring up a link to download Write-N-Cite. Follow the instructions to add it in to Microsoft Word. Note the "login code" on this screen, which is used to log in to your RefWorks account from Microsoft Word to access your citations:


3) Once you've downloaded and installed the Write-N-Cite plugin for Microsoft Word, it will be located in the last tab of the menu:


4) When you wish to insert an in-text citation, select the style in which you wish the citation to be formatted (highlighted in green), and click "Insert Citation" (highlighted in red) to choose either a previously-used citation, or a new one from your RefWorks account: