Evaluating Sources

Questions to Ask for Evaluation


  • Who created this? What are their qualifications/background?
  • Were there other people that helped to create this? Editors, producers, song writers, etc.


  • What did you find? Book, article, website, statistic, photo, song, etc.
  • Is this a type of source that you can use for your assignment?


  • When was this published?
  • Does the source need to be published recently? Historically?
  • What is the time-frame covered by the source?


  • Where did you find this? Library, Internet, etc.
  • Where was it published? Journal, Book, Magazine, Website, etc.


  • Why was this source created? What is the purpose?
  • Why is this source useful for your research?
  • Why does this source fulfill your assignment requirements?


Tips for evaluating scientific information