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Research using Google Scholar

What is Google Scholar?

Google Scholar allows you to search for scholarly literature in a variety of different sources like articles and magazines, across a broad range of disciplines like history, medicine, or computer science. Even better, Google Scholar gives you a way to link it to our databases so that you access the library's electronic resources in addition to what is available in Google Scholar. Please remember, however, you should always critically evaluate the resources at which you're looking for accuracy, bias, and currency before using them in your research.

How do I link Google Scholar to Polk Library's databases, and how do I search it?

Please watch the below videos for this information.

  • Part I demonstrates how to link Google Scholar to the library's databases
  • Part II discusses how Google Scholar can supplement your research, and some of the advanced features you can use to perform effective searches

(Recommended viewing setting for these tutorials is 720p HD)

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