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Government Finance and Budgets

Best Places to Start

United States Treasury
The United States Treasury is the executive agency that oversees the finances of the U.S. Government.
Internal Revenue Service
This is the web site that provides information about the federal tax system, including access to tax forms (online and pdf), tax filing information and statistics of income.
Wisconsin State Treasurer
The Wisconsin Department of Revenue is the executive agency of the Wisconsin government that handles finances and oversees the collection of state taxes from Wisconsin citizens.
Federal, State and local governments—Census of governments
This site created by the United States Census Bureau provides access to the 2012 Census of Governments, government employment and payrolls, government finance statistics, lists & structure of government, tax statistics, pension systems and more.

United States Sources

Economic Report of the President
This annual publication from the Office of the President provides an overview of the current state of the United States economy add provide a forecast and projection for the forthcoming year. This publication includes tables and statistics.
United States Financial Data
This monthly publication, distributed by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, provides the most current financial information relating to the financial system within the United States.
Office of Management and Budget (OMB)
The OMB is the executive agency of the president that prepares the budget of the United States.
Budget Documents - US Government
These are the annual budget documents prepared by the Office of Management and Budget and displayed on their web site.
Budget of the United States Government - Main Page (FDsys)
FDsys provides this access point to the annual budget documents of the United States government.
County and City Data Book
This Census Bureau publication (pdf) provides access to information about government finance for counties and cities throughput the United States.
County Business Patterns
This site provides access to the pdf versions of this former print publication. The most current information (after 2004) can be retrieved in tabular format that is customizable from a searchable database.
Monthly Statement of the Public Debt
On this TreasuryDirect home page you will find the latest release of the monthly statement of the public debt along with the previous months' releases.
State and Metropolitan Area Data Book (2006)
This Census Bureau publication provides data and statistics on the finances and government expenditures of states and Metropolitan Statistical Areas throughout the United States.
Congressional Budget Office Reports
On this page are located links to the reports of the Congressional Budget office on the economic effects of current and future federal government policies and legislation.

Wisconsin Sources

Wisconsin Department of Revenue
The Wisconsin Department of Revenue web site provides information about filing taxes, provides pdf versions of tax forms, and allows for online filing of taxes for certain tax filers.
Wisconsin Financial Statements
This page from the Wisconsin Department of Administration's Division of Executive Budget & Finance provides fiscal statements and financial reports for the operation of Wisconsin state government.
UW Budget Redbook
This is the official University of Wisconsin system annual budget, including the salaries of individuals employed throughout the system.
OpenBook Wisconsin
This website provides a comprehensive database of Wisconsin budget expenditures for Wisconsin State agencies, the legislature, the courts and the University of Wisconsin system. The current database covers expenditures from 2008 until the current month.

International Sources

HM Treasury (United Kingdom)
This is the web site of the United Kingdom's Treasury Department.
Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB)
This is the web portal of the GASB, the organization that creates the standards for government accounting.
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