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Fees & Lost Library Items

Loss of library privileges

UW Oshkosh students:  Borrowing privileges are suspended when fees exceed $10.

UW Oshkosh Faculty & Staff:  Borrowing privileges are suspended when fees exceed $200.


Damaged materials

Users are responsible for all materials checked out on their TitanCards and should point out noticeable damage BEFORE checking out any material. Library materials that are returned damaged are subject to charges based on the cost of repairing the damaged item or on standard replacement charge if the item cannot be repaired.

Mutilation of library materials is punishable under Wisconsin State Statute 943.61. The University will prosecute in cases of purposeful theft or damage.


Replacement charges

For lost items or materials too damaged to repair, the standard replacement fee is $100 per item.  In some situations the replacement fee may be reduced to the actual replacement cost of the item.


Overdue items

Most materials have a 28-day grace period.

Polk Reserve & Halsey Reserve: Late fees are $0.60 to $3.00 per hour.  Fees for overdue laptops, calculators & headphones are 5 cents per minute overdue.


Charges for materials not returned

As a general rule, Polk Library does not charge library users unless absolutely necessary.  In the event that materials are not returned, we take these steps to ensure that our materials remain available to other users:

      • At 4 days prior to the due date, a courtesy reminder is emailed. You should renew or return items now. Notices are sent as a courtesy. Failure to receive notices does not change responsibility for fees incurred. Due dates are stamped on the card in the back of each item and/or can be viewed in My Account. If the item cannot be located, please contact the library at (920) 424-7316 or email
      • At 7 days overdue an overdue notice is sent.
      • At 14 days overdue another overdue notice is sent.
      • At 30 days overdue a lost item replacement bill is sent. The item replacement fee is $100 per item. Your library record is now blocked. This means you cannot check out items from Polk Library, Universal Borrowing (UB) or Interlibrary Loan (ILL).
      • At 6 weeks overdue your university registration is now blocked. This means you cannot add/drop classes or receive transcripts.
      • At 8 weeks overdue a ‘past due’ bill is sent.
      • At 10 weeks overdue a UW Oshkosh invoice is sent. The invoice must be paid in full at the UW Oshkosh Cashier’s Office in order to clear your university and library blocks (bring your receipt of payment to the Circulation Desk to ensure that the blocks are removed).
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