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Gender Outfitters| Our Gender Inclusive Support Initiative

our Gender Outfitters

Gender Outfitters is a nonprofit service provided by the UW Oshkosh LGBTQ+ Resource Center made specifically for transgender, nonbinary, and gender nonconforming students. 

Gender Outfitters

What we do

Whether you need financial assistance in acquiring an item or you need a safe address to send your parcels to, we can help. Gender Outfitters helps you gain access to products for everyday transitional or gender expression needs in a safe and confidential manner. We offer sizing, a private changing area, and safety tips for binding. Of course if all you need is an address to send your items to, feel free to send them to us. Please make sure to contact us before doing so.

Products we offer

Gender Outfitters offers a variety of items such as bras, underwear, chest binders and more. We are open to suggestions and if you are receiving financial assistance, the necessity of the item will be discussed with our staff.

Contact Us

LGBTQ+ Resource Center
717 W. Irving Ave.
(920) 424-3465