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Welcome to the Sport Performance & Injury Research Laboratory (SPIRL) webpage!

The Sport Performance & Injury Research laboratory’s mission is to enhance the knowledge of appropriate sports training as well as sport-related injury risk, prevention, and recovery of athletes through stakeholder education, community involvement, and research publication and presentation.

Here you will find groundbreaking research, and the UWO faculty members behind that research, in the areas of:


Sport Specialization/Pediatric Sport Injuries

Upper and Lower Biomechanics

Running Injuries

Health Literacy

Current Projects

The Association of Sport Specialization and Intent to Report Overuse Injuries in High School Volleyball Athletes

Dual Task Balance Performance in College-Aged Adults

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Previous Publications

Comparing High School Sport Specialization Trends Between Division I and Club Collegiate Athletes

The Relationship Between Physical Activity Participation and Recovery Outcomes in College-Aged Adults with a Concussion

High School Sport Specialization and Injury in Collegiate Club-Sport Athletes

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Our Staff

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Office Hours: 7:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m.

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Staff Bios

Dr. Kevin Biese received his master’s degree from the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill in athletic training and his PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in biomechanics. His primary research interests are in pediatric and collegiate sport-related injury risk assessments and prevention. Specifically, he has a particular interest in the behavioral phenomenon of youth sport specialization and how this behavior affects overall health and injury risk. A secondary interest of his is to understand the connection between concussions and subsequent lower extremity injuries.

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Dr. Kyle Petit obtained his master’s degree from Illinois State University and his PhD from Michigan State University. His research focuses on sport-related concussions, specifically on identifying factors that influence patient recovery. Additionally, he is particularly interested in the use of physical activity as a treatment option for concussion.

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Dr. Kim Calvert earned a Master of Science degree in Kinesiology from Indiana University and her EdD from A.T. Still University. Her research interests include patient-centered care, specifically health literacy and patient-provider communication. She is also interested in the scholarship of teaching and learning topics.

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Dr. Robert Sipes earned his Masters of Science degree from California State University, Long Beach and his Doctorate of Education from Illinois State University. His research interests include injury prevention in overhead athletes, with particular research in posture and overuse in youth sports, along with pedagogical and assessment strategies in athletic training education.

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Brian WallaceDr. Brian Wallace earned his Ph.D. in Biomechanics from the University of Kentucky. He also has two M.S. degrees, one in Engineering from UW-Stout and one in Human Performance from UW-La Crosse. His research interests include biomechanical risk factors and mechanisms of lower extremity injury, biomechanical assessment of strength and conditioning methods, occupational ergonomics, and biomechanics teaching pedagogy.

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Dr. Lace Luedke earned her PhD in Orthopedic & Sports Science from Rocky Mountain University of Health Professions, her DPT from the University of Central Arkansas, and her BS in Physical Therapy from University of Wisconsin LaCrosse. She is an ABPTS certified specialist in orthopedic physical therapy. Her research examines risk factors for injury among high school and collegiate athletes, primarily runners, and clinically, she specializes in evaluation and treatment of competitive and recreational runners.

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