Kate Harrell, MS, RD, CSSD, LD, ACSM-CPT

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harrellk@uwosh.eduAlbee Hall 009
Exercise and Sport Science Lecturer

Educational Background

BS in Dietetics, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point
Dietetic Internship, Oregon Health & Science University
MS in Exercise Physiology, Oregon State University

Research Agenda / Areas of Interest

I am a registered dietitian, certified sports dietitian, personal trainer and group exercise instructor. I hold additional certifications specific to Parkinson’s Disease, including PWR! Moves and Rock Steady Boxing.

I love wellness, blending the fields of nutrition and fitness together and bringing the daily practice of both realms into the classroom. Outside of teaching, I have a passion for leading groups and evolving group fitness to be more personalized with safe and effective programming for all ages and abilities. Specifically, I enjoy leading Rock Steady Boxing, a program for those with Parkinson’s disease. Though I am not a researcher by nature, I greatly appreciate applying the research with the populations I work with and bringing that into my teaching.

Outside Interests / Hobbies

Running is one of my favorite outside interests. I love the challenge of endurance and ultra-endurance running, most preferably the marathon though I have completed up to a 50-mile run on the Pacific Crest Trail. I like the unique challenge of each training run or event and the ability to apply my education and passion for sports nutrition to the sport of running. Outside of running, I love nature and simply being active in any way shape or form, from gardening to biking, or “romping” with our pups Zoey and Hope. I also am learning to enjoy the "down time" reading books at our cabin on the river's edge.

"What does it mean to be a Kinesiology faculty member at UW Oshkosh?"
I am excited to be part of the faculty at UWO and most especially, our Kinesiology and Athletic Training team.  I am grateful for the opportunity to share my personal experience and knowledge in both sports nutrition and fitness. I hope to not only provide students with the scientific background in both realms, but also how to apply scientific concepts out in the real world.

"When they graduate from our program, I hope that my students..."
First off, I truly hope they enjoyed their time here at UWO and in the Kinesiology Department. I hope my students can apply the science in a way that meets the unique needs of each individual or group. I want students to be able to approach situations from the vantage point of the practitioner but also the client and critically think through each situation. I also hope students strive to continue to learn and adapt their practice as they begin their careers.