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Kinesiology Admissions Process

Students interested in the Kinesiology Major (all emphases) in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh are required to submit an Admission Portfolio. Formal acceptance into the major is necessary prior to completing some 200- and all 300- or 400-level courses within the emphases.

View the specific requirements for the Admission Portfolio.

The Admission Portfolio may be submitted following successful completion of the following*:

The deadline for the admission portfolio is at the end of the semester. Students may apply for admittance while the below listed courses are in progress. Admittance, however, is dependent upon completion and the student’s grade in each course.

Grade of B or better in:

  • Orientation to Kinesiology (77-121)

Passing grade in:

  • Kinesiology Admissions Seminar (77-122)

Grade of C or better for the following courses:

  • Biological Concepts (Biology 105)
  • Human Anatomy (Biology 211)
  • Medical Terminology (Kinesiology 170)

Three of the following:

  • *Prevention, Recognition, & Treatment Of Athletic Injuries (Kinesiology 171)
  • *Applied Anatomy and Kinesiology (Kinesiology 173)
  • *General Psychology (Psychology 101 or 102)
  • *College Algebra (Math 104)
  • Human Physiology (Biology 212)
  • General Chemistry (Chemistry 105)
  • General Physics (Physics 107)
  • Introduction to Biological Anthropology (Anthropology 202)
  • Writing Based Inquiry Seminars (WBIS 188 or English 101 or 102)
  • Introduction to Public Speaking (Communication 111)
  • Introductory Sociology (Sociology 101, 151)
  • Introduction to Anthropology (Anthropology 102)
  • Elementary Logic (Philosophy 101)
  • Growth, Development and Health across the Life Span (Nursing 200)
  • Health Practices with Diverse Populations (Nursing 215)

Courses marked with an asterisk are among the courses preferred for applying for admission.

Transfer or equivalent courses are accepted for any course listed above.

If you have any questions about whether or not you should apply please contact the Admissions Committee Chair,  Dr. Schmidt (

View the specific requirements for the Admission Portfolio. 

View the step-by-step instructions for Creating the Admission Portfolio. 

Note: The grades listed above are the minimum requirements. Admission to the program is competitive. One who meets the minimum requirements may not gain entry to the program

*We prefer that students be enrolled in 77-122 Kinesiology Admissions Seminar during the semester they intend to be considered for admissions (meaning at the end of that semester the student will apply), however student can also apply after the course is completed.

Additional Admissions Requirements:

  • Students must be full-time for the semester in which they apply to the program and the previous semester and/or must have completed 30 credits previously.
  • Students must complete and document at least 2 hours of approved volunteer experience (form can be found here) within the field prior to the application deadline.
  • All applications will be reviewed and evaluated within three weeks following the fall and spring semester. Students will receive formal notification of the selection committee’s decision of acceptance or decline no later than five weeks following the semester. The information will be sent to each student's University email address.
  • Students who are not admitted to the Kinesiology emphases are encouraged to reapply for admittance during future semesters, however, will not be allowed to complete the required 300- and 400-level Kinesiology courses until admitted.
    • An exception can be made such that the student could be enrolled in major courses at the discretion of the program. This exception will be made only in rare cases and is dependent on previous performance in coursework and is furthermore subject to seat availability in courses.
  • The organization of the Exercise & Fitness and Strength & Conditioning emphases are such that a student transferring into either emphasis from another university, or a different major, or with an Associate’s Degree will require a minimum of the following semesters to complete the degree program:
    • If a student has completed Human Anatomy the programs can be completed in a minimum of 5 semesters
    • If the student has completed Biological Concepts the programs can be completed in a minimum of 6 semesters
    • If a student has not completed Biological Concepts the program will require at least 7 semesters to complete.

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