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Kinesiology—Exercise and Fitness Required Courses

All Exercise and Fitness majors must successfully complete the following courses : (Individual students - see your advisor for confirmation on courses; some have had a change in number and/or title in the past few years.) View the sample Four Year Plan (PDF).

Core Courses

26-105 Biological Concepts

An introduction to the biological sciences. Addresses phenomena common to a diversity of life forms. Biological organization, cell biology, processing energy, genetics, evolution.

26-211 Human Anatomy

A study of the fundamental structure and organization of the organs and systems of the human body. Prerequisite: "C" or better in Biology 105.

26-212 Human Physiology

Structure/function relationships of the healthy human body, on the molecular, cellular, tissue, and organ-system levels. Prerequisite: Biology 211 or 323 with a grade of C or better.

77-121 Orientation to Kinesiology

An introduction to Kinesiology, which is an integrated program of study utilizing information from several core science areas. Topics will include: the various programs of study within the department, the range of employment opportunities in Kinesiology; and the roles and responsibilities of Kinesiologists in society.

77-122 Kinesiology Admissions Seminar

This course consists of activities for students to learn more about the foundations of the field and the professions related to Kinesiology, as well as prepare for admission into programs in the Department of Kinesiology. Prerequisites: A grade of "B" or better in Kinesiology 121 or concurrent enrollment in Kinesiology 121. Biology 211 or concurrent enrollment in Biology 211.

77-280 Biomechanics (26-211, 26-212 co, Admitted)

Structural and mechanical principles involved in human movement; contribution of these principles to the efficiency of human movement. Prerequisites: Admission to the Kinesiology or Athletic Training Majors and successful completion of Biology 211 and successful completion or concurrent enrollment in Biology 212 OR Declared Physical Education major and Phy Ed 275. Special fees may apply.

77-331 Motor Learning (86-101, Admitted)

This course guides the study of the principles of motor skill performance and learning and the application of these theories to physical activities, learners and various environments. Prerequisite: Psychology 101 and admission to the Kinesiology or Athletic Training Majors. Special fees may apply.

77-349 Behavior Aspects of Kinesiology (86-101, Admitted)

This course introduces students to psychological, or behavioral, aspects of sport, exercise, and physical activity. Students will explore factors that affect performance and psychological development and well-being. Prerequisites: Psychology 101 and admission to the Kinesiology or Athletic Training Majors.

77-350 Physiology of Exercise (26-212, Admitted)

The study of the body's physiological responses and adaptations to acute and chronic bouts of exercise. Training techniques and enhanced physical performance will be emphasized. Prerequisites: Admission to the Kinesiology or Athletic Training Majors and successful completion of Biology 212, OR Declared  Physical Education major and Phy Ed 275.  Special fees may apply.

77-351 Nutrition for Health and Performance (26-212, Admitted)

Introduction to the principles of optimal nutrition, supplementation, and weight management as it relates to active and athletic populations. There is additional focus on the needs resulting from special circumstances (i.e. eating disorders, pregnant athletes, etc.). Prerequisites: Biology 212 and admission to the Kinesiology or Athletic Training Majors.

77-361 Medical Aspects of Kinesiology (77-350)

The course discusses medically related risks and benefits associated with the performance of exercise and physical activity, focusing on cardiovascular, pulmonary, and metabolic adaptations. Chronic disease states, acute disease states, pharmacological issues, special populations will be included. Prerequisite: Kinesiology 350.

Core Requirement

CPR and First Aid Certification

Required Courses

77-170 Medical Terminology

This course will introduce the prospective student to terminology utilized in upper level coursework and healthcare settings. Prerequisite: Enrollment for declared Major or Minor in Kinesiology or Athletic Training only until after freshman registration.

77-171 Prevention, Recognition, and Treatment of Ath. Inj.

This course provides an introduction to injury prevention, recognition, and treatment strategies. Injury prevention principles, injury classification, and common injuries will be discussed. Prerequisite: Open to students with a major in the Department of Kinesiology only.

77-173 Applied Anatomy and Kinesiology

This course will introduce the prospective student to terminology utilized in upper level departmental coursework and within health care settings. Prerequisite: A grade of "C" (2.0) or better in Kinesiology 170.

77-201 Strength Training Techniques (admitted)

An introductory weight training course designed to present material related to the training and conditioning of athletes as well as general population. This is achieved through in-class demonstration and application of proper weight training techniques consisting of supplemental, complex, core strength and Olympic lifting exercises. Prerequisite: Admission to the Kinesiology or Athletic Training Majors.

77-352 Fitness Assessment Techniques (77-350)

A study of testing and evaluation procedures that are commonly used in preparing a health/fitness profile for adult participants in an exercise program. Concepts and techniques in utilizing modern fitness testing instruments and equipment will be taught. Students will also learn to prescribe exercise for sedentary and active populations. Prerequisite: Kinesiology 350.

77-370 Principles of Strength Training & Conditioning (77-350)

Principles and theory of strength training and conditioning for athletic and sedentary populations will be taught. The course will be based on the principles, concepts, and guidelines for strength and conditioning according to the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). This course will prepare the student to apply the proper strength training and conditioning exercises for the athletic and sedentary populations based on the goals, indications, contraindications, and physical evaluation of the individual. Prerequisite: Kinesiology 350.

77-407 Clinical Exp in Exercise and Fitness (77-352)

The course is designed to provide practical, hands-on experience in activities that promote the development of skills and techniques relating to fitness assessment, program management and supervision, and exercise leadership. On-campus experiences will be the primary assigned activity. (Off-campus/community placements may be arranged if deemed necessary.) Prerequisites: Kinesiology 352 and 370 and First Aid and CPR certification (American Red Cross or American Heart Association.) Special fees may apply.

77-443 Exercise Modification and Progression in S & C (77-370)

This course is designed to give the student knowledge and experience in exercise modification for many different types of individuals/settings (those with physical limitations, injured clients, advanced athletes, settings with minimal equipment, etc.). Alternative methods of strength and conditioning will be demonstrated. This course will also reinforce and expand on strength and conditioning principles, ideas, and concepts developed in previous courses. Prerequisite: Kinesiology 370.

77-447 Admin & Facilities Management in Kinesiology (77-370)

This course is designed to give the student knowledge in several aspects of managing a strength and conditioning facility. Facility design, day-to-day management, and administration of the strength and conditioning facility will be discussed. Topics such as facility planning and design, scheduling, maintenance, legal responsibilities, and budgeting will be introduced. Prerequisite: Kinesiology 370.

77-480 Kinesiology Internship

The internship provides the opportunity for development and practice at a worksite. Theory, principles and techniques, as well as the skills learned in the classroom. Students are placed in selected business, industry and commercial settings as well as selected strength and conditioning sites.  Prerequisite: Completion of all other undergraduate requirements. Department consent required.

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