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Closed Class Policy

What to do to get into a closed (full) class in the Kinesiology Department

How to find classes using TitanWeb - watch this video - How to search for classes

Any class for students in the Kinesiology Major that is full will have a TitanWeb wait list

Some classes in the department are for Athletic Training students only.  These classes will not have wait lists.  You must be accepted in the Athletic Training program to get into these classes and your advisor will then be Dr. Sipes.  If you are in the Athletic Training Program and you cannot get into a class in the program, talk to your advisor.

How to use TitanWeb to get on a wait list 

  • Log-in to Titan Web
  • Under the “Academics” tab, click “Search”
  • Select appropriate term
  • In the subject box, type “Kinesiology”, type in 3 digit course number, and un-check the “Show Open Only” box, then click the “search” button
  • Classes with available on-line wait-lists will show a yellow triangle in the “Status” column
  • “Select” the course, check the “wait-list if class is full” box, then click “next”
  • “Select” the wait-listed class in your shopping cart and click “enroll”
  • Click “Finish Enrolling”
  • You will see a message confirming your wait-list status

And/Or watch this video - How to get on a TitanWeb wait list

Other wait list information

  • If you are not sure if you are on the wait list you can check for the class in your class schedule (NOT your shopping cart)  

And/Or you can watch this video to show you how to check- Check your location on a wait list

  • Sometimes you may need to remove yourself from a wait list.  The process is just like dropping any other class. 

And/Or you can watch this video here- How to remove yourself from the wait list

  • You can only wait list a specified number of credits. 

Right now this number is eight credits.  If you are already on the wait list for eight credits you cannot wait list any more classes.

  • To get on a wait list you must meet the prerequisites for that class.
  • You cannot get on a wait list until after your registration date.
  • Nobody can register for a section of a class if you are on the wait list.  Even if the enrollment number falls below the maximum, the class will not open if a student is on a wait list.
  • DO NOT expect that you will get in a class just because you are on a wait list.  Add other classes to your schedule in order to be full-time, if that is important to you.
  • You can wait list two sections of the same class.  But you need to go through the wait list process for each section individually and each section will count towards your wait list maximum number of credits.
  • How you might get into a class when you are on the wait list

After enrollments are stabilized, near the end of the semester the department will begin checking wait lists at least once per week.  At that time we note if there are any seats available in each section of each class.  If someone has dropped a class and there is a seat open, you will receive an email from the department with the subject line "Seat Available in {insert class here}".  In that email there will be written instructions to get in the class.  There will also be a deadline.  If the deadline passes and you haven't registered for the class, we will contact the next student with the option to register (and a deadline).  Typically deadlines are six days after the email is sent.  In the weeks just prior to a semester that deadline will be shorter as we have limited time to fill sections.  As an aside students tend to drop classes right before or the week that classes start.  It is imperative for you to check your email and take seats quickly when offered.

And/Or you can watch this video here- How to enroll in a wait listed class once you are given permission

  • If your problems are not answered here, contact Deb Suess in the Kinesiology office (424-0834) with your issue.  Do not wait.  


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