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Preprofessional Phases

Preprofessional Phase 1:

The purpose of the preprofessional phase is to acclimate students to life in the program and help them decide if Athletic Training is right for them. Preprofessional students will successfully take the following courses during their preprofessional semester: Biology 105 (Biological Concepts) with a C or better, Kinesiology 121 (Orientation to Kinesiology) with a B or better, and Kinesiology 170 (Medical Terminology) with a B or better. Students will participate in 10 hours of observation in either the Athletic Training room or the Rec Center. If students decide to continue on in the program, they will submit an application essay to Dr. Sipes along with their current STAR report. Once all applications are reviewed, 24 students will move onto the second phase of the Preprofessional year.


Preprofessional Phase 2:

Students in phase 2 of their preprofessional year will declare a major of Athletic Training - PP (Preprofessional). Students will successfully complete the following classes: Biology 211 (Human Anatomy) with a C or better, Kinesiology 122 (Kinesiology Admission Seminar) with a B or better, Kinesiology 171 (Prevention, Recognition, and Treatment of Athletic Injuries) with a C or better, Kinesiology 173 (Applied Anatomy) with a C or better, and Kinesiology 189 (Athletic Training Direct Observation) with a B or better. Students will complete 40 hours of observation in the Athletic Training room, an average of 3 hours per week, where they will begin working on their clinical skills. Students will create a formal admissions portfolio to submit at the end of the semester for official application to the program, students will also go through an interview process.  Minimum Requirements for application to the program include: minimum 2.75 Cumulative GPA (preferred 3.0), individual course grades as noted above, must be First Aid and CPR Certified not professional, outside source or KIN 104 (ARC or AHA), complete Electronic Portfolio (Due April 5th ), and complete Interview (April 20th – May 1st).


Admission Tips:

  • STUDY, STUDY, etc.
  • Use your Observation
  • Determine if you want to do Athletic Training
  • Make the grades - higher than minimum
  • Prepare your Portfolio
  1. Talk to AT students (Interview)
  2. Resume
  3. Admissions Essay
  4. Evaluation forms (Student -Think of who)
  5. Letter of Recommendation (Think of who)
  6. Midterm Grade Report**- turned into Dr. Sipes

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