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Athletic Training Student Additional Fees

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In addition to the tuition and fees associated with being a student at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, there are additional requirements of being a student in the athletic training program that must be considered. The following details the additional fees or equipment purchases that are part of participation in the program.


1) Prospective students must purchase a t-shirt to wear during observation hours in KIN 189 ($10)

2) Kit (fanny or sling bag) and Scissors at admission into the program ($30)

3) Clothing purchase (must include a minimum of black polo for events) happens annually ($75 total)

4) A background check must be performed prior to admissions and clinical placements ($10 *unless repeated due to changes on BID form)

5) A TB test (two stage first year) must be performed annually for clinical placements ($15 annually)

6) A flu vaccination is required for clinical site placement annually (*available through insurance or up to $15 on campus)

7) Students must renew their CPR certification during the fall of the senior year ($19)


There may be some course fees associated with a variety of courses that are required as a UWO student and/or an athletic training student. These course fees are included in your tuition and fees on your student account.

For questions regarding these fees, please contact Dr. Robert Sipes ()


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