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Admission to the Athletic Training Program

Students interested in becoming an Athletic Trainer at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh must complete the new Masters of Science in Athletic Training (MSAT) degree in order to become certified and licenced to practice. Students at UW Oshkosh are encouraged to complete the Rehabilitation Science major in preparation for the graduate MSAT program.

Students will apply to the MSAT graduate program during their senior year of an undergraduate program or post-graduation. Formal application is done through the UW System E-App process (found at and select the MS in Athletic Training. 

Application Process

Prospective MSAT Students must submit the following documents to be considered for admission in to the MSAT program: 

  1. Online application (found at

  2. $56 application fee (paid online or sent in to Graduate Studies)

  3. Official Transcripts from all undergraduate institutions (uploaded and sent in to Graduate studies)

  4. 1 letter of reference regarding your ability to succeed in a graduate program (uploaded and/or sent in to Graduate Studies)

  5. Personal statement or essay (1-2 pages) describing your goals and qualifications for the MSAT program 

MS in Athletic Training Prerequisites:

Students applying to the M.S. in Athletic Training program must have a cumulative 2.75 G.P.A in addition to having completed specific prerequisite undergraduate courses (catalog numbers at UW Oshkosh given for reference):

Biology (with lab) (26-105)
Human Anatomy (with lab) (26-211)
Human Physiology (with lab) (26-212)
Chemistry (with lab) (32-105 or 32-101)
Physics (with lab) (80-171 or 80-191)
Statistics course (67-201 or 86-203)
Introduction to Psychology (86-101)
Medical Terminology (77-170)
Prevention & Treatment of Athletic Injuries (77-171)
Applied Anatomy/Kinesiology (77-173)
Nutrition (77-351)
Biomechanics (77-280)
Exercise Physiology (77-350)
Research Techniques/Design (77-368)

Students must earn a C or better in all of these courses in order to qualify for admission to the master’s program, along with the overall 2.75 minimum in all undergraduate courses.


The Admission Application may be submitted anytime after August 1st for consideration to begin the following summer.  All cohorts begin in the summer session and applicants will be reviewed through an ongoing process with the preferred deadline being February 1st. u


Note: The GPA and grades listed above are the minimum requirements. Admission to the program may become competitive.

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