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Admission to the Athletic Training Program

Students interested in the Athletic Training Major in the Department of Kinesiology at the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh must follow the processes described here and complete the preprofessional year in order to formally apply to the major.

The application process begins with Kinesiology 121 during the Fall semester and students are selected to move on to the second phase of admissions before the Spring semester begins.

Formal Application occurs during the Spring semester and requires completion of the courses described below and the submission of an Admission Portfolio to the program staff.

The Admission Portfolio may be submitted during the Spring semester of the preprofessional year, as long as the following courses have been completed or are in process:

  • Grade of C or better for the following courses:
    • Biological Concepts (26-105)
    • Anatomy (26-211)
    • Prevention, Recognition, & Treatment Of Athletic Injuries (77-171)
    • Applied Anatomy and Kinesiology (77-173)
  • Grade of B or better in:
    • Orientation to Kinesiology (77-121)
    • Medical Terminology (77-170)
    • Kinesiology Admissions Seminar (77-122)
    • Directed Observation in Athletic Training (77-189)

Note: The grades listed above are the minimum requirements. Admission to the program may become competitive. One who meets the minimum requirements is not guaranteed entry to the program

Students must be enrolled in 77-122 Kinesiology Admissions Seminar during the Spring semester to be considered for admissions and must submit their Admission Portfolio by the end of the semester.

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