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UW Oshkosh Athletic Training Admissions Process

How to Become a UW Oshkosh Athletic Training Student

The following is a list of procedures for you to follow to gain admission into the University and begin the application process for the Athletic Training major. If you are already a UW Oshkosh student, click here for details on the program admission process.

  1. Inquire about UW Oshkosh and plan to visit campus (Admissions, email , or Preview Day)
  2. Apply to UW Oshkosh. Have your parent/guardian, high school counselor, or admissions representative assist you if necessary. *Make sure that you mark/declare that you are interested in Athletic Training as a major on your application.
  3. Your application is processed (2–3 weeks maximum) and you are notified of your University admission decision.
  4. Housing information is sent 2–3 weeks following admission to UW Oshkosh. Please submit your deposit and information accordingly.
  5. Submit $100 deposit to secure registration and orientation date (after you receive letter of admission). This fee is applied toward your fall semester expenses and is refundable until May 1. PLEASE SELECT THE EARLIEST POSSIBLE REGISTRATION DATE TO ENSURE YOU WILL GET THE CLASSES YOU NEED FOR THE FALL SEMESTER!
  6. Information on placement testing will be sent. Please schedule accordingly.
  7. Complete and Submit Financial Aid information (FAFSA).
  8. Attend Odyssey and Schedule Fall Semester Classes. Declare "Athletic Training - PP" as your academic program of study. You will need to make sure that you are registered for Kinesiology 121, Kinesiology 170, and Biology 105 for your fall semester.
  9. Complete Pre-Professional Year successfully as described here.
  10. Apply for program admission during the spring semester of your pre-professional year. (click here for details on the application process)
  11. Begin the program if accepted.

 In addition to the tuition and fees required of University of Wisconsin Oshkosh students, there are additional purchases required to participate in the Athletic Training Program. That information can be found here.


Contact the Athletic Training Program Director:
Dr. Robert C. Sipes by email: , or by phone: (920) 424-1298


(920) 424-3164;

Financial Aid:

(920) 424-3377;


*You may apply before making a visit to UW Oshkosh.

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