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About Us

The Northeastern Wisconsin Scholastic Press Association was founded in 1969 when a small group of University of Wisconsin Oshkosh journalism students traveled to local high schools to teach students about the world of journalism. Since then, NEWSPA has grown significantly and today, nearly 400 students and advisers attend the annual spring conference to learn more about multimedia journalism from media professionals.

Membership Benefits
The benefits of NEWSPA for high school advisers and students interested in journalism are significant. Becoming a member unlocks additional resources and a network of advisers prepared to help your students and high school publications grow. Providing a close community for advisers who share the same passion for education and journalism, NEWSPA also creates this sense of community for your students as well. These are just a few of the many positive outcomes students can gain by attending the NEWSPA high school journalism conference.

Annual Conference
Each year the spring conference provides the opportunity for students to meet others who share the same interests and passions. The educational sessions provide an opportunity to connect directly with media professionals and learn from their experiences. The competitions allow students to measure their work against other publications and strive to reach their own publication goals. The annual conference provides educational sessions on a wide variety of topics related to multimedia journalism, graphic design, photography and publication promotion. Students also submit entries to the NEWSPA competition and receive critiques and detailed feedback from media professionals.

This year, the Cooperative Academic Partner Program (CAPP) NEWSPA Scholarship will be awarded to 10 graduating seniors planning to major or minor in Journalism at any of the UW Oshkosh campuses with a $250 scholarship. More information regarding eligibility and deadlines for the scholarship can be found here.

Now that you know more about us, we’d love to learn more about you! Please feel free to reach out to NEWSPA’s Executive Secretary, Jean Giovanetti, if you have any questions or want more information regarding becoming a member.



Testimonials from our members                                                                                            

“I joined NEWSPA as a new teacher and adviser in 2000, having really no idea what it all entailed. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Not only did I get a lot of help starting my career as a journalism adviser, but it broadened my network and taught me more about journalism and advising than any book ever could. I’ve been on the board nearly every year since then, even through switching schools and from newspaper to yearbook. I’ve brought my students to every conference and it has been a highlight of the year for my staff. The conference provides real-life education to my students and it’s a great way to celebrate the year.”

-Sara Klein, adviser for Oshkosh North High School’s yearbook, Reflections


“As a high school journalism teacher, I felt solitary within my school, until I joined NEWSPA.  This organization limits the sense of isolation because it promotes communication, connection and scholastic community within our field.  We look forward to submitting our work to the NEWSPA competition yearly.  It is our Super Bowl! “

-Beth Plankey, adviser to Neenah High School’s student-produced online newspaper, the Satellite

Beth Plankey

“NEWSPA provides students access to experienced, professional journalists. They can tailor their learning to their needs and interests by attending sessions of their choosing. Oh, and of course, they love they feedback they get from judges–and especially from the awards ceremony.”

-Jason Cummings, adviser to Oshkosh North High School’s newspaper, The North Star