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2022 NEWSPA Multimedia Journalism Virtual Conference Sessions

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10 Habits of a Successful Yearbook Adviser   

Mitch Eden, adviser, The Kirkwood Call, Kirkwood High School

Whether you’re a first-time adviser or a veteran, Mitch Eden shares tips to help yearbook advisers create a memorable yearbook during an unforgettable year. 

10 Tips for Improving Your Newspaper Design  

Barb Benish, adviser, The Advance-Titan  

Make your projects look polished and ready for a national publication. Learn basic and advanced design principles that will inspire you to try something different and take your graphic design skills to the next level.

The ABCs of WI Public Records  

Dee Hall, managing editor, Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism

Learn how to properly draft and submit a public records request, what to do if your request is delayed and how to respond to outright violations and refusals.

Adobe Camera Raw Tour   

Dr. Timothy Gleason, Department of Journalism, UW Oshkosh

Curious about how to use Adobe Camera Raw to import and enhance images? This quick session offers a crash course on this essential tool for photographers.

Adobe Image Editing: Session 1 & 2   

Dr. Shu-Yueh Lee, Department of Journalism, UW Oshkosh 

These hands-on sessions will allow students to work directly with image editing tools and other more advanced techniques in Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop Bootcamp: Session 1, 2 & 3   

Dr. Timothy Gleason, Department of Journalism, UW Oshkosh  

Join this hands-on session to learn how to cut out images, blur backgrounds, place files in InDesign and other more advanced techniques in Photoshop.

AMP Up Your Publications’ Promotions Game   

Dr. Kristine Nicolini, Department of Journalism, UW Oshkosh

Want to reach more people? Build a successful and effective public relations plan for your school’s publications and watch your readership expand. 

Approaching Controversial Topics     

Matthew Smith, journalism teacher, Fond du Lac High School

Covering sensitive topics can be intimidating. Check out this session to explore the importance of giving a voice to those impacted by such stories and learn how to respond if controversy arises within your school community.

The Art of the Interview  

Trent Scott, English department chairman, Oshkosh West

Interviewing is a great tool when conducted efficiently, effectively and ethically. Learn helpful tips from set up to the purposeful application to make the most of every interview.

Benefits of Becoming a CAPP Adjunct Instructor  

John Dobyns, operational and outreach director, Cooperative Academic and Partnership Program, UW Oshkosh

Explore the many benefits of becoming a UW Oshkosh Cooperative Academic Partner Program (CAPP) adjunct instructor within your high school. 

CAPP Adjunct Instructor Support  

Catherine Bryan, academic director, Cooperative Academic and Partnership Program, UW Oshkosh

Learn about CAPP adjunct instructor academic support resources and professional development opportunities.

Combatting Propaganda and Cute Cats  

Dr. Timothy Gleason, Department of Journalism, UW Oshkosh

Information overload and misinformation provide opportunities for propaganda to influence individuals and society. Investigate this complex persuasive tool through current and historical examples and learn important strategies to avoid being persuaded by propaganda.

Creating Memorable Ads  

Dr. Kimberly Kelling, Department of Journalism, UW Oshkosh

Are your publications’ advertisements blah? Learn advertising design principles and creative concepts that will make your ads stand out and get noticed. 

Creative Careers in Media: Multimedia Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising     

Dr. Sara Steffes Hansen, Department of Journalism, UW Oshkosh 

What does a creative career in media look like? Explore how UWO prepares students for careers in multimedia journalism, public relations and advertising. Explore the possibilities and find a career you’ll love.

Creativity in Advertising  

Dr. Kimberly Kelling, Department of Journalism, UW Oshkosh

Explore why creativity is so important in advertising and how it can help clients achieve desired results. Explore how creativity is defined, its role in advertising, creativity as a tool to grow sales and how to identify the big idea.

Exploring Titan TV     

Kaitlyn Smith, station manager, Titan TV 

Get a behind-the-scenes glimpse into UW Oshkosh’s Titan TV studio. Take a tour and learn more about how Titan TV shows are created.

Finding Fantastic Photos Online: What you need to know    

Ted Mulvey, information literacy librarian, UW Oshkosh 

It’s a common problem: What to do when you don’t have a photo to accompany an article for your school publication? Learn how to search for photos in Creative Commons, how to properly cite websites and more.

How to Create a Popular Podcast     

Andrew Haese & Megan Jasen, co-hosts of Haze and Jasen 

Curious about how to create an award-winning podcast? Join Andrew Haese and Megan Jasen to learn how you can start a successful podcast too. 

How To Thrive In College     

Jon Miller, web content specialist, UW Oshkosh 

It takes more than studying to survive the first year of college. A recent UW Oshkosh graduate who works for the university shares his tips to experience all that college has to offer and how getting involved both inside and outside of the classroom will set you up for future success. 

Importance of Internships  

Justine Eron, public relations student at UW Oshkosh

Are you struggling to pick a college major? Join Justine Eron, a UW Oshkosh student, to learn more about how real world experiences, like internships, can help you better prepare for a creative career and life after college.

Making Ethical and Sensible Corrections   

Eric Thomas, Executive Director, Kansas Scholastic Press Association

Learn how to make ethical photojournalism decisions using Adobe PhotoShop and Lightroom. Explore two competing issues to balance attracting readers’ attention and ethical implications within journalism and strategic communication.

Making Your Stories Lit: Alternative Story Formats  

Jason Cummings, adviser, The North Star, Oshkosh North High School 

Creativity and curiosity are essential characteristics for aspiring journalists. Find out how to bring regional and national stories closer to home and learn where to look for stories that no one else is covering.

Must-Have Images of Photojournalism  

Eric Thomas, Executive Director, Kansas Scholastic Press Association

Solve the riddle of how to get creative with photography during COVID-times. Learn how to capture ten vital images of photojournalism and get some great tips along the way.

The Power of Yearbook  

Mike Smith, motivational speaker and action sports personality, The Harbor, Jostens Renaissance Education

The yearbook experience can help students explore different talents and develop unique skills. Discover how to share your school’s unique story while finding your passion and purpose. 

#Reprimanded: Combating Self Censorship

Dr. Kristine Nicolini & Dr. Vince Filak, Department of Journalism, UW Oshkosh

Worried about the repercussions of writing or printing a controversial story?  Investigate our willingness to self-censor and gain tips to help prevent self-censorship in your newsroom.

Short and Sweet: Alternative Story Formats  

Dr. Vince Filak, Department of Journalism, UW Oshkosh 

Today’s newspapers are moving toward shorter features, Q&A articles and more. Learn how to write in engaging ways that will keep your readers interested and coming back.

SmartPHONEography: Using the Storytelling Device You Always Have    

Margaret Sorrows & Casey Nichols, Jostens Ambassadors

Tell great stories with your smartphone camera, train your yearbook staff to become great photographers and inspire your school community to take the types of photos you need for an amazing yearbook.

Social Media Tips and Tricks     

Trevor Clementi, director of digital marketing, UW Oshkosh 

You already know how to use social media to tell your own story. Now use those same channels to reach your school community, expand interactive coverage and promote your publications.

Spice Up Your Text with Images   

Dr. Shu-Yueh Lee, Department of Journalism, UW Oshkosh 

Level up your Adobe PhotoShop skills with this tutorial demonstrating how to add pictures to your text. Click on the link to see an example and get started today!

Sports Statistical Storytelling   

Mark Simon, senior research analyst, Sports Info Solutions

Go behind the scenes of today’s sporting events to learn how statistics can tell a compelling story. Learn tips and insights on how you can use statistics and statistical analysis in your sports coverage.

Storytelling, Public Relations & Internships   

Gwen Nichols, public relations student at UW Oshkosh

Public relations professionals use strategy, technology and creativity to help organizations tell their unique story. Explore this dynamic field and discover how internships bridge classroom knowledge and hands-on professional experience.

Top 10 Tips for Teams  

Dr. Jennifer Considine, Communication Studies, UW Oshkosh

Building a successful team can be tricky. In the newsroom or on the yearbook staff, students learn valuable skills related to teamwork and leadership. These top ten tips for teams can build synergy and increase effectiveness. 

Unconventional Paths in Journalism     

Devi Shastri, statewide higher education reporter, The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Do you dream about carving your own path? Devi Shastri created her own science writing program. She’ll share her unique journey that has her currently covering state and private higher education institutions.

USA Today: A Day in the Life of an Investigative Reporter   

Nick Penzenstadler, investigative reporter, USA Today 

Curious about how to become an investigative reporter? Join Nick Penzenstadler for a quick tour of his journey to USA Today and experience a day in the life of an investigative reporter. 

Using Adobe After Effects to Create Unique Lower Thirds – Parts 1 & 2

Andrew Smock, Radio TV Film, UW Oshkosh

Take your video production to the next level by creating unique, effective lower thirds. In this two part video tutorial, you’ll learn how to share important information with your audience.

Virtual Yearbook Printing Plant Tour  

Pull back the curtain and take a tour of Jostens’ yearbook printing plant. See how your yearbook goes from concept to print and every step in between. This virtual tour will offer a rare glimpse behind the magic.

Working in Sports Media  

Mark Simon, senior research analyst, Sports Info Solutions

Chart a course to the wide world of sports. Mark Simon’s 25-year career began at the Trenton Times newspaper and led to ESPN. Along the way, he found many opportunities to expand his skills and learn important lessons resulting in his current position at Sports Info Solutions. 

Working on a College Radio or TV Station     

Andrew Hansen, news director, WRST-FM Oshkosh

Learn what it’s like to work for a college radio or TV station and discover if radio or TV is the right career path for you!

Writing Headlines, Not Punchlines  

Dr. Vince Filak, Department of Journalism, UW Oshkosh 

Your headlines should attract and engage readers. Discover ways to write strong, clear and effective headlines while you learn how to avoid making mistakes that will embarrass you and your publication.

Yearbook Design for Effective Concept and Coverage  

Jayme Bogner, Jostens

The thoughtful development of a yearbook theme begins with a series of decisions to make the book inclusive, interesting, and beautiful. See how a few schools approached their theme metaphors.

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