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Explore the world of graphic design and photography in the Get Eyes on Your Graphic Design session lineup. For those interested in photoshop, visual design, photography and everything in between, this program track is for you. Sessions marked with   feature graphic design and photography tips and tricks.


Looking for just the right photo? The session Photo Critique will offer great tips on photography and what it takes to get a good shot. Photographers know even the smallest detail matters when capturing the perfect shot. Learn how to keep the smallest of details sharp in the session with Dr. Timothy Gleason. We’ll explore how produce pictures to the highest quality.

Thinking about upping your social media game? Want to know how to present and represent your personal brand? In the session Social Media Tips and Tricks with Trevor Clementi, you will learn beneficial information to help further your social media skills and take your game to the next level.

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The 2023 NEWSPA multimedia journalism conference session lineup is stacked with accomplished media professionals. Learn how to write strong and unique pieces with the Up Your Writing playlist and develop a plan to promote your school’s publications with the Promoting Your Publication playlist. Explore your creativity and capture the perfect shot with the Get More Eyes on Your Graphic Design and Photography playlist. NEWSPA also has a Creative Careers and Adviser track that allows advisers to collaborate, explore adviser tips, learn more about creative media careers, and discover adjunct teaching opportunities through the Cooperative Academic Partnership Program.

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Get More Eyes on Your Graphic Design and Photography Sessions

  • Creative Careers in Media: Multimedia Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising
  • Photo Critique
  • College 101: Q&A
  • Social Media Tips and Tricks
  • How to Create a Podcast Worth Listening To
  • AMP Up Your Publications’ Promotion Game
  • Behind the Scenes: Tour a College Newspaper
  • Storytelling, Public Relations and Internships