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There are many different creative career paths available for students who are interested in exploring graphic design, art, creative writing, public relations, multimedia journalism, marketing and more.

Taking your creativity to the next level by translating your passion into a job you’ll love can make you feel more fulfilled. The NEWSPA Multimedia Journalism High School Conference offers a session exploring these options:

Creative Careers in Media: Multimedia Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising

Join students Cory Sparks and Chandler Brindley to explore the Radio, TV and Newspaper – What It’s Like Working in College Media session. They will provide a glimpse into producing college media and what its like to work here at UWO.

Wondering what it takes to win Journalist of the Year? Join the interactive session Become the Journalist of the Year with Matt Smith to learn more about putting together a winning portfolio.

Interested in starting your own podcast? Maybe one with a friend? In the session How to Create a Podcast Worth Listening To with Wendell Ray, you will learn what motivates someone to listen to a podcast but more importantly, how to keep them coming back.

Last but not least, John Dobyns will be hosting a session on the Benefits of Becoming a CAPP Adjunct Instructor.

At the end of the creative careers session you’ll get an insight into different pathways alumni at UWO have taken both during their college careers and after graduation.

To learn more about the NEWSPA Multimedia Journalism Conference, visit the sessions page and register today!