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Want to learn how to write strong and unique stories with the Up Your Writing playlist and take your schools publication to the next level with the Promoting your Publication playlist? Then the following sessions are the right place for you to be.

Amplify Your Voice
Unlock your creativity in the session Making Your Stories Sizzle: Alternatives Story Format. In the session you will be given tools to writing stories that reach far and wide that no one else is covering.

Looking for the perfect story idea? The session Pitch Perfect: Developing Your Best Features will equip you with three key components in every great feature, and will have you writing and pitching stories like a pro.

Now that you’ve got your story, you’ll need a solid headline that will attract readers. Unsure of how to write one? We’ve got you covered! Writing Headlines, Not Punchlines, will help you develop strategies to writing strong headlines that will make your publications standout amongst others.

Amplify Your Publication’s Impact
To make the most of your publications, the session AMP Up Your Publications’ Promotions Game will teach you how to reach more people and build a solid public relations plan.

It is important that your publication showcases and represents every group from your school. With the Representation Matters: Creating a Yearbook for the Whole Student Body you can learn how to be inclusive in your yearbook.

Social media is a great tool to use to promote your publications. The Social Media Tips and Tricks session will show you how to reach your school community with leverage all these communication tools have to offer.

Learn More
The 2023 NEWSPA multimedia journalism conference session lineup is stacked with accomplished media professionals. Learn how to write strong and unique pieces with the Up Your Writing Game sessions and develop a plan to promote your school’s publications with the Promoting Your Publication sessions.

Explore your creativity and capture the perfect shot with the Get More Eyes on Your Graphic Design and Photography sessions. NEWSPA also has a Creative Careers and Adviser track that allows advisers to collaborate, explore adviser tips, learn more about creative media careers, and discover adjunct teaching opportunities through the Cooperative Academic Partnership Program.