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NEWSPA is excited to announce the 2021 spring conference is moving to a virtual format designed to provide a safe, flexible learning experience that maximizes your access to “attend” over 30 pre-recorded video sessions from media professionals. Additionally, we will host two live sessions on April 21. 

What are the benefits of a completely virtual conference you may ask? Access to great content and industry expert video sessions to utilize wherever you feel fit throughout the spring semester! These sessions make the perfect incorporation of content into busy lesson plans as they are only between 10-15 minute videos, and can be paired with an in-class or online activity.

The live experience for students the day of the conference will be a good shake up to their day, and taking time to pause after videos and reflect will engage students to analyze what they learned and create great talking points! 

Extended Pre-Recorded Session Access
With over 30 pre-recorded sessions on multimedia journalism, photography, graphic design and publication promotion, the 2021 NEWSPA virtual conference will offer attendees access to conference content from January – June 2021.

Live Sessions
On April 21 from 1:00 – 3:00 p.m. NEWSPA will host two live conference sessions: Journalism Smackdown – Kahoot edition and the awards ceremony.  Journalism Smackdown will be a fun, interactive experience designed to test your students’ ability to spot misleading information online.  Afterward we crown the Smackdown winners, stay tuned for the live awards ceremony to commemorate your student’s outstanding work in the newspaper competitions!

Although NEWSPA looks a little different again this year, the goal still remains the same: connect aspiring journalism students, faculty and advisers to valuable resources to enhance their learning experience.

For more information on individual online sessions, and for general information about the NEWSPA conference, you can visit their website here.