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Explore the world of graphic design and photography in the Get Eyes on Your Graphic Design playlist. For those interested in photoshop, visual design, photography and everything in between, this is the playlist for you.

Need a plan to collect photos that will help tell your school’s story? The session SmartPHONEography: Using the Storytelling Device you always have helps you capture these memorable moments and encourage others in your school community to do the same. 

Looking for just the right photo? The session Finding Fantastic Photos online: What you need to know will offer great tips on how to access online images available for free use.

Photographers know even the smallest detail matters when capturing the perfect shot. Learn how to keep the smallest of details sharp in the Adobe Camera Raw session. Dr. Timothy Gleason explores how to use this software to transfer and edit your pictures to preserve the highest quality.  

Once you’ve added your photos into PhotoShop, now what? Learn the ins and outs of Adobe Photoshop and how to edit the perfect picture. Get your hands dirty with the Adobe PhotoShop bootcamp series to hear about the latest visual design trends that will make your pages stand out.

Sometimes the perfect graphic for your piece needs some tweaking and editing. Tune into Adobe Image Editing Sessions 1 and 2 to see how to seamlessly combine multiple photos within Photoshop. Learn different tactics on how to intricately add and subtract from photos to create the perfect piece. Sometimes that perfect piece might need words in it, and learning how to combine pictures and words to produce a stunning title or word graphic is session 2.

Graphic Design
To make the most effective piece, there needs to be a reason behind every step in the process. Your pictures and graphics need to be important and related to the words it is with. Watch Carter Uslabar unpack how to create successful and cohesive pieces in Visual Design Trends: Making Your Pages Pop. In this video, Carter explains how to choose the best photos and how their placement plays a role in their effectiveness. 

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The 2021 NEWSPA multimedia journalism virtual conference session lineup is stacked with accomplished media professionals. Learn how to write strong and unique pieces with the Up Your Writing playlist and develop a plan to promote your school’s publications with the Promoting Your Publication playlist. Explore your creativity and capture the perfect shot with the Get More Eyes on Your Graphic Design and Photography playlist. NEWSPA also has a Creative Careers and Adviser track that allows advisers to collaborate, explore adviser tips, learn more about creative media careers, and discover adjunct teaching opportunities through the Cooperative Academic Partnership Program.

Register for the 2021 virtual conference and start adding this dynamic content into your lesson plans today!!

Get More Eyes on Your Graphic Design and Photography Playlist

  • Adobe Camera Raw Tour
  • Adobe Image Editing – Session 1
  • Adobe Image Editing – Session 2    
  • Adobe Photoshop Bootcamp – Session 1
  • Adobe Photoshop Bootcamp – Session 2
  • Adobe Photoshop Bootcamp – Session 3
  • Creative Careers in Media: Multimedia Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising
  • Finding Fantastic Photos online: What you need to know
  • How to Thrive in College
  • SmartPHONEography: Using the Storytelling Device you always have
  • Visual Design Trends: Making Your Pages Pop
  •  #Reprimanded Combating Self-Censorship in the High School Newsroom