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Whether you are interested in writing strong headlines, covering your favorite sports teams or exploring a career in investigative journalism, this conference session track is for you. Hear media professionals share their advice on all things related to improving your writing. Learn everything you need to know about writing from industry professionals like a Green Bay Packers beat writer to a USA Today reporter and everyone in between.

Sports Journalism
Ryan Wood, Green Bay Packers Beat writer, shares his knowledge in Sports Writing: Print, Online & Multimedia, a session perfect for those interested in learning how to write timeless pieces that fit the story and are distributed on multiple platforms.

For a broader look at a career in sports journalism, join Mark Simon for his session, Writing in Sports Media. From writing for ESPN for almost 16 years, to creating podcasts and even writing a book, Mark shares how he created a dynamic career in sports journalism and how you can too.  

Investigative Journalism
Interested in taking a deeper dive into a breaking story? Join Nick Penzenstadler to explore the session USA Today: A Day in the Life of an Investigative Reporter, to learn more about breaking important stories and the journey to this career opportunity. 

Sometimes the path to your destination may be unique. Select Devi Shastri’s Unconventional Paths in Journalism session to hear about her journey to become a successful statewide higher education reporter for the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, part of the USA Today Network.

Multimedia Journalism
Other multimedia journalism sessions range from obtaining public records to writing a solid headline. If you want to learn how to write impactful stories, this is the playlist for you.

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The 2021 NEWSPA multimedia journalism virtual conference session lineup is stacked with accomplished media professionals. Learn how to write strong and unique pieces with the Up Your Writing playlist and develop a plan to promote your school’s publications with the Promoting Your Publications playlist. Explore your creativity and capture the perfect shot with the Get More Eyes on Your Graphic Design and Photography playlist. NEWSPA also has a Creative Careers and Adviser playlist that allows advisers to collaborate, explore adviser tips, learn more about creative media careers, and discover adjunct teaching opportunities through the Cooperative Academic Partnership Program.

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AMP Up Your Writing Game Playlist Sessions

  • Creative Careers in Media: Multimedia Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising
  • Get the Most Out of Every Interview 
  • How to Thrive in College 
  • Making Your Stories Lit: Brainstorming Interesting Story Ideas
  • Short and Sweet: Alternative Story Formats 
  • SmartPHONEography: Using the Storytelling Device you always have
  • Social Media Tips and Tricks 
  • The ABC’s of Public Records
  • The Power of Yearbook  
  • Tour of the Printing Process at Jostens
  • Unconventional Paths in Journalism 
  • Working in Sports Media 
  • Working on a College Radio or TV Station 
  • Writing Headlines, Not Punchlines 
  • #Reprimanded Combating Self-Censorship in the High School Newsroom