Portfolio Management

The workflow diagram illustrates the portfolio management and project request process.

To request a project, complete the brief project request form that asks for your contact information and a description of what you need or are trying to solve. We will contact you to collect additional information and complete a one-page business case on your behalf that enters the request into the process.

The project portfolio shows the projects currently in the queue, their estimated start dates (if known), general priority and other high level information.

Priorities are categorized as:

  1. Regulatory: the state or federal government requires it, such as a financial aid update.
  2. Mandatory: a non-government entity requires it, such as the Board of Regents, President or Chancellor.
  3. Risk Management: the health and sustainability of institutional IT requires it, such as a security or infrastructure upgrade.
  4. Discretionary: all other solutions that are really good ideas.

Only discretionary projects are prioritized, around the required implementation schedules of regulatory, mandatory, and risk management, in that order.

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