Watch for New Email Scam

IT has received multiple reports of an email scam that purports to be from UWO administration.  Similar to previous attacks, the attacker sends an email that appears to come from a trusted person or a leader. In this case, the attacker is using Chancellor Leavitt's...

Extortion Emails

Scammers are taking advantage of a recently posted list of usernames and passwords from hacked websites in an attempt to extort money from the victims of the hack. The scam email sends you your password from the hacked site with a message that claims that the scammer...

Welcome (Back) to Campus!

Welcome and Welcome Back students and instructors! New students - beware and be wary of emails making job offers or asking for your passwords. These are scams. Returning students - if it has been 180 days since you changed your NetID password, you will be getting...

Cell Phone Scam in Progress

IT has received reports that several students have received texts instructing them to call the Student Health Center about their medications and provides them some phone numbers to call. These texts are NOT an official message from the Student Health Center and should...

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