Computer Configuration Standards

These standards include:

  • Computer Configuration Standards
  • Fully supported computer hardware
  • Mobile devices
  • Recommended Windows hardware
  • Recommended Mac hardware

Computer Configuration Standards

Minimum Hardware

  • i5 processor (Windows) or M1 processor (Mac)
  • 16GB of memory (RAM)
  • 256GB solid state drive
  • Ethernet port or purchase of adapter to allow connectivity with wired campus network


  • 4-year warranty for desktops
  • 3-year warranty for laptops
  • Accidental damage protection


  • Laptops are recommended when the computer will be used 1:1 (single user)
  • Campus IT will only support the native Operating System on a computer
  • Campus IT provides no support for dual-boot machines
  • Campus IT provides limited support for Desktop Virtualization Software
  • Licensing costs will apply for using non-native Operating Systems and Desktop Virtualization software

Fully supported computer hardware

Windows Hardware

  • Supported for 2 years after warranty end.
  • Must be imageable through normal Campus IT procedures.
  • Must be able to run a supported Windows 10 semi-annual channel using vendor provided drivers matching the OS.
  • Some applications will be unavailable on older devices due to limited support from the software developers or underlying hardware.
  • IT recommends the purchase of a solid state drive (SSD) for any machine that does not currently have one.
  • IT will make best effort to repair supported hardware depending on part availability from the vendor

Mac Hardware


  • Campus IT provides support for Linux in the Linux Lab and in the Halsey Teaching Lab
  • IT will assist with installing a Linux operating system on a virtual machine (VM)
    • A license for VMware Workstation (PC) or VMware Fusion (Mac) is required to run a VM

Mobile Devices

  • iOS and Android OS devices can be configured to access UW Oshkosh email and WiFi.
  • iOS devices will be enrolled in to UW Oshkosh’s mobile device management (Jamf) and can be managed with custom configurations upon request.
  • Tech support beyond general troubleshooting and email connection must come from the vendor.
  • Devices running Chrome OS are considered mobile devices.
    • Campus IT provides the same level of support for Chromebooks and Chrome OS as iOS and Android OS device.


  • Minimum screen size of 20 inches
  • Must be LED
  • Dell monitors come with a three (3) year warranty
    • Campus IT will work with the vendor on the user’s behalf
  • Monitors cannot be repaired outside of warranty and must be replaced


  • All new printers and copiers must be placed on a Managed Print Services contract
  • Existing printers, if possible, will be enrolled in a Managed Print Services contract
    • If the printer cannot be enrolled due to defect, the department will be responsible for repairs prior to device enrollment
    • If the printer cannot be enrolled due to age, it will no longer be supported and must be replaced or removed from service
  • Local printers (devices that are only connected to one computer) will not be supported
    • Exceptions for specialized printers will be reviewed by the CIO under special circumstances.  Example:  color printer in specialized Art Department Lab.
  • Recommendations for new printers
  • Document showing New and Existing printers and their cost

Recommended Hardware

For our currently available/recommended hardware configurations please visit our purchase request forms

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