Our new IT Service Portal is outfitted with a self-service environment which will allow you to input tickets automatically to our service teams, check progress on tickets, provide us with updates, and let you share tickets with your coworkers and others.

When you input your own ticket via the IT Service Desk Portal, call the IT Help Desk number, or email helpdesk@uwosh.edu, you will now receive emails from notifications@jira.uwosh.edu letting you know about the ticket creation and updates. If you have current tickets open in Footprints, those tickets may continue to be worked on in either system, so pay attention to emails from footprints@uwosh.edu as well.

We will offer some public Q&A sessions throughout the months of August and September, have created a public Microsoft Teams team, and offer a mechanism for feedback or questions in the IT Service Desk Portal so we can see what you have to say!