IT has been working diligently to enable remote work. As part of this we have been preparing temporary VPN access for all employees. Currently this does not include student employees. Using our VPN allows a connection to our campus network to be created if the computer connecting from were physically on campus; this can be done from anywhere with an internet connection. For those already using VPN please disregard this message as nothing changes for your access.

The Palo-Alto Global Protect (VPN) client has been installed on many computers that we were aware were leaving campus, but the software has not been installed on every computer. If you have already brought your campus computer home, but do not have VPN installed, please contact the IT Helpdesk if you need it installed.

While you are connected to the campus VPN your internet traffic flows through campus so please make sure to limit non-work related internet traffic while connected to minimize impact to the campus network. Do not stream video or audio such as Netflix or Youtube while connected to VPN. Collaborate Ultra, Teams, and Canvas are OK. Being connected to VPN does not automatically make everything work as if you are on campus as sometimes some additional setup is needed; IT will try to assist with this as we are able.

Please see these knowledgebase articles ( for more information about the campus VPN. If you have further questions, please contact the IT Helpdesk.