Campus Community:

As offices prepare to shift some of their operations be run from the homes of staff-members, the following information will be of use:

· NOTE: Use of the Self Service Portal is restricted to on campus use only.

· Voicemail on UWO VoIP phones can be accessed Remotely (see Voicemail Quick Start Guide).

· The PIN (password) for voicemails tied to a NetID account can be reset by the Self Service Portal (see Voicemail Quick Start Guide). If you don’t see the extension listed in the Self Service Portal or have any issues, contact the Help Desk for assistance ( or 920-424-3020).

· You can Forward All Calls coming to your UWO VoIP phone to be received on your home or mobile phone (see Quick Start Phone Guide or VoIP Knowledge Base Article). Please note that these methods will cause all voicemails to be saved on your home or mobile phone.

· There is no recommended way to have calls from your home or mobile phone to show as your UWO VoIP phone caller ID.

An alternative solution will require the use of a UWO laptop, personal computer (with a microphone), android mobile phone, iPhone, or iPad. You will need to install a ‘Jabber’ application that will allow that device to work like your UWO VoIP Phone. It will display your UWO VoIP phone Caller ID during calls and save voicemails to your UWO VoIP phone line voicemail.

Click here to request Jabber

The following links provide information for the installation and use of Cisco Jabber:

· NOTE: All Jabber installs for Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) require a Help Desk ticket before installation.

· Android Jabber Reference Guide

· iOS (iPhone and iPad) Jabber Reference Guide

NOTE: UWO computer installs of Jabber must occur on campus.

· Windows OS Jabber Reference Guide

· Windows OS Quick Start Jabber Guide

· Mac OS Jabber Reference Guide

· Mac OS Quick Start Jabber Guide

Contact the Help Desk ( or 920-424-3020) for any issues or questions.